Effleuring soft toutch is the perfect first manipulation to start a massage treatment.

A sport massage is a must just before or after a competition.

The lightweight and therapeutic touch is a natural need for a child. It confers him a sense of well being and security.

Facial Massage
Effleuring soft toutch
Sport Massage
Baby needs a massage


Mother's day is coming Mai 14, just a little bit before Victoria Day Mai 22, Father's day is the June 18 and Canada day the 1st of July.

Have safety and happy summer's Holiday.




Inform You!


Take the phone number of this place and contact them, you will know automatically if it's a serious place. Ask to speak to the manager and ask wath kinds of massage their personnals apply, if the massotherapeute who applies the massage has his certificate affixed on the wall of the reception for identification because on each certificate you have the photo and the identification number of the massotherapeute and it this last one can emit receipts at ends of refunding by insurance companies. Also, a massotherapeute cannot émit a receipt for another therspist. It's important to identify the person who applies the massage. If you do not see on the wall of the reception the  certificate and the photo of Massotherapeute, require to receive the sevices of an identifiable person, it is your right.


The Professional Massotherapists Association of Quebec was merged on October 7, 1984. The new Association was registered as  a non profit corporation on March 12, 1985.


Our primary goal is to promote the physical and psychological well-being of the individual, through natural massage and bodywork techniques performed by qualified, well-trained massotherapists in conjonction with the conventional western medecine.


As the massage and bodywork profession is evolving with an increasing expectation for professional performance, skill-base,and clinical decision-making, we emphasize on a comprehensive massage and/or bodywork education curriculum wich includes the sciences, theory, technical skills,  professional skills, business skills for entrepreneurs, and clinical practice.


Only massage and bodywork schools that meet our education curriculum requirements are accredited.


Our certified professional members must have completed extensive massage and/or bodywork training from an accredited school and must have passed our written and practical certification examinations.


Our members enjoy a limit of Professional Liability Insurance of 2,000,000$ with a major insurer at a preferred premium, in consideration of the excellent performance of our group insurance programme.


We ensure that the public receives consistent, qualified professional services from our certified members. Hence, we perform periodic audits at our accredited schools and at our member's practice location, and have taken disciplinary actions including the cancellation of accreditation and membership, respectively.


Our formal insurance receipts are recognized by all health Insurance Benefits insurers.